If you travel to Valencia with children of any age, you will be surprised at the amount of interesting activities you can do. We suggest that you rent a bicycle and use it as a means of transport to get to any place easily and not to think about parking, which is quite complicated in many areas, but also that the bicycle itself may be a tool for family fun.

We can guide you through many outdoor activities, others in museums or cultural centres, but also some very curious or very participative ones.

We hope you can enjoy the ones that best suit your tastes and the age of your children. You know that you can contact us whenever you need to and that, in many cases, we can help you with advance ticket sales, so that you don't have to wait in line and can plan your stay more comfortably.


In Valencia we already had some beautiful parks and gardens, some of them centuries old, but without a doubt the extraordinary transformation of the ancient Turia River bed into the immense Turia Garden Park has meant the transformation of the city into one of the largest parks in Europe, with more than 10 km, which runs through the city from West to East and in which different areas are followed by different leisure activities, sports, culture or simple enjoyment of citizens and visitors. It is a real paradise for cyclists because there is no traffic from other vehicles and is an oasis of tranquility for children... and for parents.

In the west we would start with the CABECERA PARK and the BIOPARC, which is a very modern zoo in which the animals live in semi-freedom, in an environment that recreates their natural habitat, without bars or jails. It is always a fascinating experience for the children and also for the parents. It requires spending a good part of the day on it, so we recommend planning it well in advance and, of course, buying tickets in advance because there is limited seating and it is necessary to ensure that our children can live this experience.

Continuing pedaling through the Turia Garden is a marvel and different areas dedicated to leisure, sports and culture follow one another until you reach the famous GULLIVER PARK, a tribute to the famous character, who is a gigantic Gulliver who forms huge slides with his own body that fascinate the little ones and makes us all feel like authentic citizens of Lilliput. 

From there, without leaving the Jardín del Turia, we reach the City of Arts and Sciences and, a little further on, the beaches of Valencia and its Paseo Marítimo.

The SEAWALK is in itself an attraction for adults and adults alike. A few kilometres of promenade along the sandy beaches of Valencia, with a wide range of bars, cafés and restaurants to suit all budgets and, of course, the beach itself, spectacular as it has rarely been before and which has appeared so often in literature, painting and cinema. It is a beach with a huge sandy area, fine sand and very warm waters, with a smooth entrance to the sea, suitable for all ages and especially for our children. Why not go by bike to bathe on the beach and then come back quietly?

paseo martitimo valencia

Outside the Jardín del Turia, but just a few metres from the exit, we can also visit two of the traditional gardens, which also have activities designed specifically for children, which are highly recommended.

 The first one would be the VIVEROS park (JARDINES DEL REAL), which occupies a large part of what was once the Royal Palace in Valencia, destroyed in one of the many wars that our city has lived through. For many years it was the real reference park for all Valencians, children and adults.

The second is the BOTANICAL GARDEN, about 400 meters from our shop and very close to the Quart Towers. A real wonder for plant lovers, but also a must for lovers of fresh gardens and for families with small children who enjoy an idyllic setting. On many occasions there are very interesting cultural events or exhibitions.

Another park dedicated to children and that has an incredible success is the PARQUE MORTADELO Y FILEMÓN, set in the famous comic strip and with different fun activities.



Of course there are other activities that we think are highly recommended for those who travel with children and you can not miss. One of the most surprising for the youngest children is the OLD TEETH STORE, where the famous tooth fairy lives, who manages the collection of the teeth of children from the five continents. An excellent destination for those of you with small children who will have a good time. It lasts about an hour.

Going to the children's theatre can also be an excellent idea, generally very participative and enriching. It is advisable to check the billboard at the time of your visit to be sure of the times and functions. The most recommended children's theatres are TALIA THEATRE, FLUMEN THEATRE and ESTRELLA THEATRE, all of which are very close to our shop.

Of course it is curious to visit the so-called CASA DE LOS GATOS, very close to the Iglesia del Carmen, in the Barrio del Carmen, about 200 m from the Torres de Serranos.

And perhaps for the not-so-small ones, it will be interesting, or even exciting for some of them, to visit the MESTALLA STADIUM, where they can get to know the inside of one of the mythical stadiums of European football and the history of Valencia, C.F.


Of all the museums in Valencia, we believe that the most interesting things to visit with children are the following.

L'IBER (LEADER SOLDIER MUSEUM) on Caballeros Street, truly incredible for all ages. You can buy tickets on our website or in the shop.

The MUVIM (VALENCIAN MUSEUM OF THE ILLUSTRATION AND THE MODERNITY) that, independently of its magnificent temporary exhibitions, has a spectacular model of the walled Valencia of the XVII century and in which we can understand the city that was and that is, discovering what remains and what disappeared. A pleasure for many of those who like history and for the youngest travellers.

At the Centro Cultural de la Beneficencia there are two museums that are interesting for young people and that will be very enjoyable and instructive for them. These are the MUSEUM OF ETHNOLOGY and the MUSEUM OF PREHISTORY.

Also, already in the City of Arts and Sciences complex, we must highly recommend visiting the SCIENCE MUSEUM and the OCEANOGRAPHIC MUSEUM with children. For both of you you can buy tickets on this website or in our shop, which you should do without a doubt to avoid queues and ensure tickets at the desired times.