As Valencians we would like to thank you for using your bicycle during your visit to Valencia, as this helps us to have a city with less traffic, less pollution, less noise and much more joyful.

Valencia is a city that is increasingly focused on cycling and currently has an extensive network of bicycle lanes and even a "cycling ring" that surrounds the entire old part of the city following the route of the old Christian wall. It is also completely flat and has a climate that is certainly perfect for cycling. It's true, everything is positive, but it's still a good idea to have a few basic rules in mind so that your cycling experience is completely rounded.


In Valencia it is very sunny on many days of the year and it is very convenient to always wear sunscreen, especially for children, especially since you spend a lot of time in the sun on the streets of the city.

Wearing hats or hats can also avoid some discomfort, especially in the summer months.

Sunglasses are especially useful to protect you from the sun, but they can also help you avoid some small mosquitoes at certain times of the day, especially on excursions outside the city.

It is strongly recommended to maintain a good hydration, so it is ideal to always carry a drink and try to take drinks every few minutes but constantly.


Use the bike lane whenever possible and even though it may seem like a longer way. It's the best way to be protected.

If we are forced to drive in the middle of the street like other vehicles, we must drive in the middle of the corresponding lane, so that our space is very clear and other vehicles must respect it. It is a bad practice, which can be dangerous, to drive close to the sidewalk and allow a car to occupy our space.

In general, traffic should always be in the same direction as other vehicles. Bicycles have no right to drive in the wrong direction.

It is very important to be visible to others. Better if we wear light clothes (or reflective vests), but at least we must indicate our maneuvers ostensibly and well in advance. At night or in low-light conditions, you should drive with front and rear lights.

The use of headphones, mobile phones, speakers or other devices is strictly prohibited while on the move.

Bicycles may not be used on sidewalks as a general rule. Only in cases where there is a bicycle lane on the sidewalk can bicycles ride on it, without leaving the road, and always without exceeding 15 km/hour and respecting pedestrians.

In Valencia there are many pedestrian areas where bicycles can circulate (unless expressly indicated otherwise), provided that the street is at least 3 metres wide, that the safety distance of 1 metre from pedestrians is maintained and that the speed does not exceed 10 km/hour. Pedestrians always have priority in these areas.

Helmets are not compulsory in the city for people over the age of 16, but they are still convenient. However, outside the city the helmet is mandatory for everyone.

The bell's for a reason. Not to make noise, but to alert pedestrians or other vehicles to our presence. We must remember that bikes are silent, fortunately, and not always others can be aware of our arrival. 


Bicycles must be parked in the parking spaces provided for this purpose. There are so many of them all over the city. Only in cases where there is no bicycle parking within a radius of 50 metres is it permitted to park the bicycle subject to street furniture, but never on streetlights, trees or construction elements.

It is important that you secure your bike with a good lock, but also that you use it correctly. Ideally, the padlock should be placed so that the rear wheel and frame are attached to the bike rack. If we have a second lock, we'll do the same with the front wheel.

When we travel with another bicycle we can place them so that with a padlock we can block one wheel of each bicycle attached to the parking lot and with the other padlock the other two.

It is important to leave your bicycles in crowded, well visible places and never leave them in the street at night.

Easily removable items such as saddlebags, lights, repair kits, etc. should always be carried with you.