We like animals and we like to think that you travel with them and give you solutions to any problems you may have.

More and more, we Valencians are aware of animals and pets, but, in reality, we still have a long way to go because there are many barriers you can encounter if you travel with your little friends. On many public transports you will have access problems, as well as in many museums or public places. This should be taken into account when travelling and planning your trip.

Also the subject of hotels and apartments can be complicated. Our advice is that you should consult about the pet policy before travelling and that you should choose the accommodation that offers you complete clarity on this subject.

On our bikes you can accommodate your cats or dogs, as long as they are small, of course! We look forward to seeing you and your friend riding your bike around Valencia! At the moment we don't have any bikes to carry your older friends too, but everything will work out and with a little luck we will be able to remove this paragraph.


Perhaps a great solution for you, who are traveling with your pet, is KING CAN. It is an urban nursery for your pets, just 50 meters from our store and where Monica and her team will take care of your friend almost as you do at home, but with the same love she dedicates to her own dogs. The most important thing is your professionalism. They have a place for pets, a pet grooming salon and a studio upstairs to be always on top of your friends. Never, and I mean never, are they alone. You can reach Monica at 629 506145 and José at 606 729813. Surely it's a great solution for you to easily access any place you want to visit, with the peace of mind that your friend is in the best hands.


If you need a veterinarian, very close to our store you have the EL PILAR CLINIC where you can take care of any need of your pet. If, for whatever reason, you have a serious problem during slightly complicated hours you can go to the HOSPITAL VETERINARIO ARCHIDUQUE CARLOS which is open 24 hours a day.


Please note that not all beaches allow dogs. If you like animals, you can be sure that you understand this because you are respectful of others, but you also want your dog to participate in your holidays and have fun on the beach. Isn't that right? Well, then you should go to beaches where dogs are allowed without problems.

In the city of Valencia the one that won't pose you any problem is the PINEDO CANINE BEACH.


If you are curious or would like to get in touch with animal friends in Valencia, you may find these addresses useful:

SOCIEDAD CANINA DE VALENCIA is an association of dog breeders in Valencia.

GALGOS 112 is an NGO for the rescue, recovery and adoption of greyhounds who suffer contempt and abandonment by their supposed owners.

SOCIEDAD ACUAROFILA is the backbone of all fish breeding and maintenance enthusiasts in Valencia.

ASOCIACION ORNITOLOGICA PROVINCIAL DE VALENCIA (AOPV) is an association with a lot of tradition that groups together the bird breeders of Valencia.

FEDERACION ORNITOLOGICA DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA (FOCVA) is the federation that supports all the associations of bird breeding enthusiasts in the Valencian Community and even outside it.

PRECVAL is the association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders.